About Us

Established in 2003, RedTree Group Pte Ltd is the leading publisher of three leading magazine titles, Parents World, Home+Living and The Food Journal. Being an Integrated Media company, RedTree Group provides a 360-degree media solution for their clients with the array of products and services offered.

From print publishing to online advertising and even social media publicity, the various media platforms available are sure to get our clients seen and heard.

Incorporating all aspects of branding, we seek to create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers for our clients through the robust ideas and thoughtful execution of our team.

Aside from publishing, RedTree Group also organises events, launches, exhibitions, handles branding and marketing and custom publishing.


-      To produce quality print and digital media content.

-      To engage and educate our readers and online community.

-      To produce quality events and exhibitions.

-      To build powerful campaigns through our marketing and branding arm.

-      To provide suitable media vehicles.



-       To be the leading media partner for print and digital content.

-       To be the leading events and exhibitions' organiser. 

-       To develop RedTree Group into an Integrated Media Company.

-       To expand RedTree Group globally.